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Blockchain Game Development and other related services to start your own Blockchain Fintech business

MMORPG Game Development

Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games are user intensive games, to capture the imagination of millions of gamers across the world, the story, quest, and the playability all come together to make the game engaging. MMORPG is all about understanding, respecting, and keeping in mind the different cultures while designing the game for the masses.

Play To Earn P2E Game Development

Play To Earn P2E is a concept that enables gamers to earn rewards when they reach an in-game milestone. The rewarding mechanism is a way for app developers to create a habit of regular usage on the platform.

Move To Earn M2E Game Development

Move To Earn M2E Games primarily encourage users to do some activity like Walking, Run, work out etc. The data of the activities are measured through the device sensors which in turn sends it to the app for validating the activity and rewarding the user with platform native cryptocurrency.

Virtual Reality Game Development

Experiential Metaverse gaming is the next gen entertainment that companies like Meta, Sony, HTC etc. are placing their bet on. Developing a Metaverse and a native Cryptocurrency will help you start a business like Viverse, Decentraland,

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Best Blockchain Game Development Company

What Makes us the Best Blockchain Game Development company?

Crypto Blockchain Game Development

Blockchain Scripts Blockchain Game Development has built a range of mission critical products that are decentralized, secure and efficient.

We have worked on a range of use cases for startups across different domains.

Having worked with clients across different industries, we are in a better position to understand the idea behind the product you want us to build.

The Key challenge is to build a robust product that can perform consistently at every step of the way.

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Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter.

The world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency. I personally believe that it will be bitcoin,

Blockchain Game Development

Learn how our approach to Blockchain Game Development is done the right way and what Inspires us.

Designing gaming content and Building a rich gaming experience for your audience requires a strong gaming industry experience, knowing the level of work involved at each stage of the game development.

Blockchain: A New Way to Monetize For Independent Game Creators

Blockchain gives the flexibility to the creators to earn revenue through any form of digital currency they choose to. The game creators can decide if they'd like to lend the digital asset earned to a protocol that will offer a higher interest rate.

Lending Protocols like Compound already offer mechanisms where certain types of Digital Assets generate yield every week. Creators get the benefit of holding the cryptocurrency / NFT and still be able to generate additional revenue from it.

Digital Asset Backed Gaming concepts for the Metaverse.

The Move To Earn (M2E) , Play To Earn (P2E) blockchain gaming concepts are tightly integrated with a blockchain that supports Smart Contracts, Minting of Cryptocurrencies / NFTs and a few other functions. Games built on top of these protocols generate cryptocurrencies/NFTs as and when a player meets a target/ completes an objective.

Once the cryptocurrencies are minted and a sizable number of users hold the NFTs / Cryptocurrencies, they can then be listed on a marketplace where people can trade.

Tokens like Decentraland's MANA and ENJIN are some of the examples.

Artificial Intelligence assisted DeFi Services for Digital Assets

Now that the creators have earned the tokens, the platform's A.I backed DeFi Services with its integrated lending and Yield Farming protocols can use the assets stored under the wallet to lend a portion of the daily assets to the aforementioned protocols to earn revenue regularly. You can set the limit in the administrator panel.

Milestone based Reward Token / NFT Minting and Managing platform

Reward Tokens and NFTs are two different types of assets. Milestone based Rewards or NFT Minting Platform is the underlying smart contract backed layer that keeps track of the progress that each gamer account makes before minting a Reward Token, sending existing reward tokens from the Platform's master wallet, or Minting a ERC-721 backed NFT for the user part of a rare event.

The Layer also makes sure that NFTs and the reward tokens aren't minted excessively and maintains the checks & balances to ensure that the tokens valuation doesn't slump to a greater degree. AREAS OF Blockchain Scripts'S Expertise

Blockchain Scripts Full Service gaming Design & Development Studio offers 360° End to End development service for anyone. Right from the Ideation stage to the Complete Development & Marketing of the game.

Concept Eloboration

An elaborate Conceptualization helps in planning various stages and milestones before getting into the development of the game. Before the storyboarding starts, understanding the vision enables us to translate your idea on the Storyboard.


Storyboarding process details the characters, script for the game, and the various cues & story where the user can engage and would be able to connect with the game. For gamers to get drawn to the game, the crux of the story needs to be planned and communicated. This is the core aspect of the game.

Character 3D Modelling

The look of the character should suit the story and we take into account the sentiments and have a list of no-gos based on our inputs from our In-house team that researches on culturally sensitive topics & follow what's in trend. We advise our clients, while we present the characters sketching. Each character designed would incorporate great detail to make sure it looks flawless across all the platforms the game is available on.

Game Environment Development

Greater the detail, more fun. The game scenario / the setting where the game happens needs to be designed in detail to suit the game's story. All the elements would be optimized for play across the platforms the game is available on.

Incorporating Blockchain

Blockchain powers the decentralization, where the entire game can be globally hosted across multiple user run nodes, the development team chooses the right kind of Blockchain that suits your game on a variety of parameters before architecting the game.

Prototype Testing

Early stage prototype of the game is built to test with a small group of users to reflect and decide the game flow before the game becomes production ready.

Alpha Testers Group

Gathering feedback from early adopters is crucial, you can fine tune the game based on it and over a period of time, when you have a loyal community around a product, success comes easy. We do the heavy lifting of finding the perfect set of diligent early adopters for you, through targeted marketing and other growth hacks, we know and have learned over the years.

Key Factors in Blockchain Game Development

Building a great product experience for your business requires working down to the details. working down to the details.


Engaging Game Content starts with the right narrative. An experienced gamer would exactly know what works and what doesn't. Our Game development team is mostly made of Gamers. Our team are passionate about Gaming Consoles & their Game Collection, as much as they love building a game that engages others.

Best Practices

We follow the best practices in game content & product development to ensure a smooth game experience while playing across multiple platforms. Our game developers are well versed in incorporating the best practices across platforms and formats.

Choosing the Right Blockchain

Architecting a game on the Blockchain requires a careful study of the features it offers, not all Blockchains protocols support the features the game needs to run and scale. Blockchain Scripts advises its customers based on this knowledge and building the game becomes much easier.



Blockchain powered payments made on the platform are swift and secure. It offers low cost transaction fees by cutting out all the middlemen involved.

Learn what inspires our security standards


Scalability is at the core of what we do. The Game Development is done using software frameworks that are secure, scalable and can perform consistently processing higher volume transactions. Our Micro Service Architecture also compartmentalizes certain processes so it can work on its own instances without disrupting the main functions.

Process involved in Blockchain Game Development

Get acquanited with how our development process works to get the best possible experience



If you already have a business or a platform that exists, our Blockchain development team analyzes the product and identifies the methods and implementation strategies that can best work for your business. If you do not have an already existing business and platform, you can check here we can discuss how to integrate it on any of our readily available solutions to start your business quickly.



We'd put across our findings and strategies to your team to see if it aligns with your business and we are on the same page. A thorough discussion on what needs to be done and how quick would help us to estimate the timeline and cost for your implementation.



Before we begin the Blockchain Game Development, we factor in the time and cost for implementing the idea and forward it to you for approval. Once approved and the necessary formalities done, we can take things forward and begin the implementation.



As agreed upon earlier, the implementation begins addressing each item mentioned in the timeline sheet. Post the Game Development a thorough round of testing is done to iron out any issues that may have popped up.

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Industry News


Published Date: 30-08-2022

Limit Break, a startup building web3 massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, raised 200 million dollars over two rounds of venture funding.

The startup was founded by Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa, former CEO and CTO, respectively, of the mobile gaming firm Machine Zone, which built mobile free-to-play games including Game of War, Mobile Strike, and Final Fantasy: XV.

Web3 is a decentralized internet. Web3 is unregulated, peer-to-peer communication that does not need or include an intermediary.

Web3 will be a portfolio of decentralized apps that run on the blockchain, and Ethereum reports, and it will grant anyone permission to use the network’s services.

The mission behind Web3 is to create a decentralized web that permits sites and services to exist across all computer networks.

Blockchain technology will validate user data, and you’ll have to buy everything in Web3 with cryptocurrencies.

Web3 is an extension of Web2 that includes gaming, NFTs, and virtual and augmented reality devices.

Web 3 elements include decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, GameFi, and the metaverse.

GameFi is a combination of games and finance. The GameFi industry offers developers an opportunity to create new meta-universes and game worlds filled with creatures, events, objects, and their in-game economy that attracts many players. Users can make money from in-game activities while enjoying the process.

NFTs represent unexchangeable digital items such as an image, video, or in- game token. NFT are traded in place of the digital assets they represent.

Another use case for NFTs is as tickets for virtual events.

Sandbox NFT-based metaverse gaming platform Sandbox implements the play-to-earn model.

In-game NFT tokens generate revenue for the players and give control to users.

A metaverse is a place beyond the universe. People interact with each other in the metaverse by creating an avatar of themselves.

Mainstream adoption of the metaverse is also being driven by interest from massive brands like Adidas and Nike.

Many companies are pouring money into web 3.

Near has launched a 150-million-dollar fund to promote web3 adoption.

FTX launched a 2-billion-dollar Web3 venture capital fund. The fund is aimed at the Crypto exchange’s video game business as it aims to work with major game publishers.

LongHash Ventures, a web3-focused investment firm, and accelerator has launched its second fund for 100 million dollars.

Limit break incorporates NFTs into the “free-to-play” payment model for mobile games.

Games built using blockchain game development companies are decentralized. The gamer will have complete access to the entire procedure. The process will be transparent to the user and anyone who has access to it. So, with blockchain technology, anyone can have ownership of a part of the game.

Users can create game-like Axie Infinity and Sandbox using blockchain game development companies.

Blockchain game development powers decentralization. The entire game can be globally hosted across many user-run nodes.

Blockchain-powered payments made on the Blockchain Game Development platform are swift and secure. Blockchain Game Development has frameworks that are secure, and scalable.

Investment firms Paradigm and Standard Crypto led the funding round.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to integrate my own Cryptocurrency to the Gaming platform, is it possible?

It is possible to integrate any cryptocurrency to the game that is being developed, while the game is in the initial planning stage, discuss with our team to understand how best you can integrate it to create additional revenue channel and how you can increase the value of the token.

Do you use your game engine to achieve Game physics or tap into a third party one?

Designing a game physics engine is an entire task in itself, we use Unreal Engine for most of our development, the rendering and the character movement it offers is phenomenal. If you have another engine in mind, we'd be happy to study it and get started your development on it. Talk to us. :)

Is there any regulatory norms that needs to be met to have a Cryptocurrency backed business, can anyone start it?

It entirely depends on the country the business is registered and from where it operates. We suggest you check with the local authorities and legal experts who may help you understand the scenario better.

Apart from the Blockchain game development, is there anything else you guys develop?

We develop wide range of products ranging from cross-border payments app to Supply Chain Management. Most of them are ready-made and can be used by anyone with the required skillset to start a business instantly. You can check them out here

I have a software product that I think you can use it in one or most of your product, can we partner?

That would be great. We are open to partner with organizations and Startups that create products for the internet and business. If you feel that a software component that you have made can add value to our customers, we'd like to explore the opportunity. Don't hesitate to write to us at [email protected] we'd be happy to talk.

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